Friday, July 1, 2011

It's been a while...a long while.

Although it may appear as if I dropped off the planet, this is definitely not the case.  I have tons of pictures to share on various projects, but the problem is finding the time to actually sit down and write about them.  And not only that, but also be somewhat entertaining/amusing/ inspiring during the process. It is a lot of pressure, I tell you!! 

So, with that being said...I'm going to try harder at documenting my creative side to share with the world...or with the 3 people who MAY stumble across my blog.  :-)

Jamie had a bday, so I made her a card.  I think it turned out cute. 

I normally stay clear of bright, bold colors only because I find them intimidating.  I them, but just never feel like I fully pull them off.  Well, Jamie is a bright color kind of gal, so I had to just go with it, and honestly, I love the results!  The new 3-layer punch is so much fun and so easy to use!  Definitely a favorite.

The new catalog came out today too!  My first glance through it, I was excited on a small handful of items but by my second and third glance, my list is huge!  Looking at all the cute ideas just gets my creative side pumping!

Well, that's it from me for today.  So today is day 1 of blog recovery.  Stay tuned!!  :-)


  1. I share your sentiments exactly...sometimes real life just gets in the way. Anyway, I found your blog via Stampin Connection, and am now a follower.

  2. Cute blog header! I'm following you now through Stampin Connection. Can you follow me?

  3. Now following. I found you via stampin connection.

    I love this card. It is so bright and fun!

  4. I think you did a great job of pulling off the bright colours! I'm now following from SC.


  5. Love this - What an Awesome job!!! Just stopped by from SC - hope you stop by and Follow me too :)

  6. Julie, I have come over from Stampin' Connection. Your blog and projects are lovely. I am your newest FOLLOWER and hope you will come visit me on my blog and FOLLOW ME if you wish.