Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Care

Last night, my dear hubby and I took the kids to see his grandma, Grandma Jones.  She is in poor health, and we were basically there to say our goodbyes.  At 88 years old, Gma Jones has seen and been through a lot.  Although she is a quiet woman, her quick wit is one of my favorite qualities she possesses. Gma Jones has struggled over the last few years but is a strong woman.  She doesn't complain even after falling and breaking her hip last year.  She is a fighter.  Last night, after looking over her extremely worn Bible, I realized there is so much about Gma Jones that I don't know.  Michael and I have only been married 5 years after all.  It makes me look at my own family and gives me the desire to ask questions...lots of questions about our history, our lineage, our story...

I made this card a few weeks ago and as I was looking at its image was just a bit inspired by the tag....because I care...Simple words, but can really pack a punch when heart felt.

Hope you have a blessed day.