Friday, November 5, 2010

Blogging may be overrated...

....either that or I'm just busy busy busy.  I enjoy blogging, so I think I'll go with the latter.

Well, the month of October is gone.  I had a Halloween Stamp Class and made a few treat holders and a card.  All similar to things other stampers are showcasing.  So much fun to make....I just haven't photographed them day.....

I do have a few cards to show though.  I made a stack of cards for an auction that was raising money for a local charity.  I'm all about themes.  Before creating my first card, I had to come up with something that tied all the cards together.  I knew I couldn't keep them all the same color; so I went with a floral theme.  Every card showcased flowers in one way or another. 

Card #1:  Simple with a touch of elegance.  I could stamp a zillion cards like this.  I (heart) them greatly.

Card #2:  I'd been dying to try out the quilted look.  Such a great way to use up those scraps we all hold onto!  I liked this technique so much that I also taught my Stamp Club girls how to do it too!

Card #3:   I've created these tulip flowers before, but still love them.  Fairly simple to create but still pack a big elegant punch!  (haha, get it, PUNCH - since they are created with the 2-step bird punch! funny)

Card #4:  Who can resist a big ol' bow!?!?!  I dream in Rich Raspberry.  This is one of my favorite colors!

Card #5:  You may be asking yourself, "Ok, where are the flowers??"  I was reaching a bit here and therefore decided that a branch could potentially be from a flowering bush!  If that isn't good enough, well the bird is made from flowery designer card stock.  Work with me people! 

Card #6:  I learned this technique from a scrapbooking convention I went to in August.  Sew simple but so darn cute!  I love the shabby quality of the card from the frayed edges of the fabric.

I included two additional cards in the auction, but I've already featured them on this blog.  So, figured why bore you with some oldies.   I bore you enough with my rambling. 

Hope you all have a fabulous day and find a little inspiration to make your hobby into a way of giving back!  Happy Stampin!!